22 July 2024
The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States: Raising the level of relations between Turkey and Egypt contributes to calming the atmosphere in the region
Turkey and Egypt announce that diplomatic relations between two countries have been raised to the level of embassies1 year ago
Turkey and Egypt announce that diplomatic relations between two countries have been raised "to the level of embassies"
Alexandria Governor: One injury as a result of the fall of the Alexandria building
Egyptian media: Rescue teams and ambulances are heading to the site of the collapsed building in Alexandria
The Governor of Alexandria stresses the intensification of the deployment of civil defense and ambulance teams and the rapid intervention unit at the site of the collapse
The Governor of Alexandria instructs the concerned authorities and the civil protection forces to quickly intervene regarding the collapsed property accident
1 year ago
The Egyptian President stresses the priority of a permanent ceasefire in Sudan and the start of the peaceful dialogue process
Egypt’s President Al-Sisi arrives in Abadiyyat village, Beheira Governorate to inaugurate several projects as part of “DecentLife” initiative
Egypt has applied to join the BRICS, said the Russian ambassador in Cairo
1 year ago
A tanker transporting CrudeOil broke down in a single-lane part of Egypt’s SuezCanal on Sunday, briefly disrupting traffic in the global waterway, Egyptian authorities said
1 year ago
The Israeli army announces the killing of two soldiers in the attack near the Egyptian border
1 year ago
Israeli army says that there are 2 casualties in a security incident on the Egypt border between Mount Sagi and Mount Hariff areas, exact details being checked
Many residents of the Egyptian city of Al-Arish have expressed anger and frustration over the demolition of their homes by security forces, to make way for a new port on the Suez Canal
Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan: I take the opportunity to welcome the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic in the work of the Arab League meeting
1 year ago
Egypt told Israel the the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) wants a cease fire in Gaza, Israeli official tells
The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States holds the Israeli government responsible for the "dangerous escalation and its repercussions for the entire region."
Arab foreign ministers met in Cairo and agreed to readmit Syria as a member state of the Arab League
A closed-door consultative meeting was launched at the level of Arab foreign ministers at the headquarters of the Arab League
1 year ago
The Egyptian President: It is necessary for any external party to refrain from interfering in the Sudanese crisis
1 year ago
The Land Ports Authority in Egypt: the arrival of about 10 thousand people of different nationalities coming from Sudan to Egypt within 5 days
1 year ago
Chief of Egypt's General Intelligence Service (GIS) phones the head of Sudan's Sovereign Council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, discuss the latest developments in Sudan
Political advisor to the commander of the Rapid Support Forces: The Egyptian role during the crisis in Sudan is "responsible"
1 year ago
Sudanese Rapid Support Forces: The Egyptian battalion is not considered an enemy and surrendered without resistance
1 year ago
Egyptian media: the collapse of a property in Alexandria, and the search is underway for survivors
UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed on Twitter: We discussed with my brother, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, strengthening our brotherly relationship and our vision towards promoting peace and prosperity in the region
U.S. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said in press statements that there's no indication Egypt is providing lethal weaponry capabilities to Russia, "Egypt is a significant security partner and remain so," Kirby added. An official Egyptian source denies in statements to @Alqaheranewstv allegations claimed that Egypt had produced 40,000 rockets to be supplied to Russia
U.S. Intelligence recent discovered that Egyptian President El-Sisi had the “Top Secret” Production of up to 40,000 Rockets ordered in February on behalf of the Russia Military for use during their War in Ukraine.
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry: The statements of the Israeli Minister of Finance regarding the denial of the existence of the Palestinian people are inflammatory and unacceptable due to their racist gestures
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry: The statements of the Israeli Minister of Finance undermine the efforts aimed at achieving calm between the Palestinian and Israeli sides
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: We informed Egypt that our presence in Libya does not pose a threat