15 July 2024
6 day ago
The Egyptian President discusses with the director of the CIA efforts to reach a ceasefire agreement in Gaza
Egyptian Prime Minister: We are doing our best to stop the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip
Egyptian Foreign Minister: There is no peace or stability in the region without resolving the Palestinian issue
Egyptian Foreign Minister: There must be an inclusive, non-exclusive framework for all Sudanese parties in the political process
Egyptian Foreign Minister: An immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the immediate deployment of more aid are the priority of this stage
Egyptian Foreign Minister: There is no alternative to UNRWA
Egyptian Foreign Minister: Egypt provided 70% of the aid that entered the Gaza Strip
Head of Israeli Shin Bet will head today a delegation to Cairo for the hostage deal talks
In Israel, office of PM Netanyahu: any agreement with Hamas must stipulate that fighting will continue until our objectives have been met. In addition, any agreement must prevent the smuggling of weapons from Egypt to Gaza
1 week ago
Al-Sisi stresses that Cairo will continue its efforts aimed at a ceasefire in Gaza and the entry of aid
1 week ago
Egyptian Foreign Minister: The international community must take action to stop the Sudan war
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We are working to help Sudan overcome the crisis
1 week ago
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We must work towards an immediate and sustainable cessation of the conflict in order to preserve brotherly Sudan
The Egyptian Foreign Minister affirms the role of United Nations institutions in meeting the urgent and emergency needs imposed by the war on Gaza
Egypt's new Foreign Minister confirms the continuation of Egyptian efforts to reach a deal under which a ceasefire will be established in Gaza
The Egyptian Foreign Minister stresses the need to pressure Israel to open more Israeli crossings with the Gaza Strip
1 week ago
Egyptian Prime Minister: There are no short-term plans for further changes to the bread subsidy program
Egyptian Prime Minister: President Sisi stressed the importance of ending the currency crisis
Qatar and Egypt conveyed to the Israeli negotiations team Hamas' updated response to the proposal for a hostage and ceasefire deal, the Mossad says in a statement. The Mossad said Israel is studying the response and will give its answer to the mediators
The new Egyptian government takes the constitutional oath
2 week ago
Hamas says its leader, Haniyeh, discussed by telephone with the head of Egyptian intelligence on ceasefire negotiations in Gaza
Egyptian Foreign Ministry: We condemn the Israeli government's decision to legalize 5 new settlement outposts in the West Bank
The Egyptian President and the President of the European Commission agree that the two-state solution is the way to ensure stability
President of the European Commission: European companies will sign deals worth more than 40 billion euros with Egyptian partners
The foreign ministers of Egypt and Turkey warn of the dangers of expanding conflict and instability in the region against the backdrop of the escalation between Israel and Lebanon.
2 week ago
Egyptian Prime Minister: We have a fuel procurement crisis, not an energy generation crisis
US State Department: We will continue to work with Egypt and Qatar to try to bridge the gaps between Israel and Hamas
Five African countries—Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, and Tunisia—are invited to attend the G7 meeting in Puglia, Italy, from June 13-151 month ago
Five African countries—Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, and Tunisia—are invited to attend the G7 meeting in Puglia, Italy, from June 13-15
Egyptian Foreign Minister: The entry of aid into the Gaza Strip must be intensified
1 month ago
Egyptian President: The Gaza Strip is experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis