15 July 2024
US @StateDept: US is working with Qatar, Israel and Egypt on the hostage talks to find an agreement
5 month ago
The President of Brazil from Cairo: Israel's behavior in Gaza has no explanation, as it kills women and children under the pretext of fighting Hamas
5 month ago
@UN aid chief says the possibility of a spillover from Gaza into Egypt is right before our eyes in Rafah
5 month ago
UN Director of Humanitarian Aid: Evacuation to a safe place in Gaza is an "illusion"
Egyptian officials informed their counterparts in Israel of the necessity of working to make the negotiations successful
Cairo sent a message to Israel rejecting the military operation in Rafah
Cairo sent messages to Israel to stop officials' provocative statements against Egypt
5 month ago
President Erdoğan is welcomed by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi with an official ceremony in Cairo
A high-ranking Egyptian source denies the existence of differences in the Cairo meeting and confirms the positivity and continuation of the discussions
Foreign Ministry spokesman: Egypt is prepared for any scenario and has many cards to use when the time comes
Borrell: The Israeli attack on Rafah leads to serious tensions with Egypt
Egyptian Foreign Minister: Any increase in the scope of military actions in Gaza will have serious consequences
5 month ago
Egypt sends large security reinforcements and patrols to the border with Gaza
Egyptian sources to Al-Sharq: Tel Aviv rejects Hamas' demands for a comprehensive ceasefire
The Egyptian Presidency in response to the US President's statements: Egypt's firm position remains determined to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible
5 month ago
Erdogan's advisor: The full return of relations with Egypt will bring stability to the world and the region
5 month ago
Dead and injured in an Israeli bombing near the Egyptian-Palestinian border in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip
5 month ago
Egyptian Presidency: Sisi and Blinken discussed efforts to reach a ceasefire in Gaza
Egyptian Presidency: Al-Sisi and Blinken's meeting focused on developments in efforts aimed at reaching a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.
Aircraft targeted a group of people near the border with Egypt in Rafah5 month ago
Aircraft targeted a group of people near the border with Egypt in Rafah
5 month ago
Prime Minister of Palestine: The Rafah Crossing is an Egyptian-Palestinian affair, even if Israel replaces or closes it
Turkey agreed to supply drones to Egypt: Turkish FM Fidan5 month ago
Turkey agreed to supply drones to Egypt: Turkish FM Fidan
5 month ago
The Egyptian President: UNRWA's role is pivotal and irreplaceable in providing support to the residents of Gaza
In the call with his Iranian counterpart, the Egyptian Foreign Minister expressed concern about the growing military tensions in the Red Sea
5 month ago
Turkish official: Putin will visit Turkey on February 12. and Erdogan will visit Egypt on February 14
International Monetary Fund: We are discussing with the Egyptian authorities the repercussions of the Gaza war on Egypt's economy
5 month ago
An Israeli raid targeted empty land near the Gaza Strip border with Egypt
Egypt: The currency is in free-fall. Black market rate: 1 dollar = 70 pounds. Official rate: 1 dollar = 30.9 pounds. The pounds has weakened by nearly 24% in the market in 2024
Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority: The Red Sea crisis requires concerted efforts to determine its impact on global supply chains
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We affirm Cairo's full support for UNRWA