15 July 2024
The foreign ministers of Egypt and Turkey warn of the dangers of expanding conflict and instability in the region against the backdrop of the escalation between Israel and Lebanon.
2 week ago
Egyptian Prime Minister: We have a fuel procurement crisis, not an energy generation crisis
US State Department: We will continue to work with Egypt and Qatar to try to bridge the gaps between Israel and Hamas
Five African countries—Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, and Tunisia—are invited to attend the G7 meeting in Puglia, Italy, from June 13-151 month ago
Five African countries—Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, and Tunisia—are invited to attend the G7 meeting in Puglia, Italy, from June 13-15
Egyptian Foreign Minister: The entry of aid into the Gaza Strip must be intensified
1 month ago
Egyptian President: The Gaza Strip is experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis
1 month ago
Egyptian President: We reject the use of the weapon of starvation in the Gaza Strip
1 month ago
Egyptian President: The Israeli military escalation in Rafah impedes the entry of aid into Gaza
Al-Sisi and the King of Jordan warn of the dangerous repercussions of Israeli operations in Gaza
Egyptian Foreign Minister: Egypt rejects all military actions and serious Israeli violations in Rafah
1 month ago
Blinken: We have been waiting for Hamas' response to Biden's proposal regarding Gaza for 10 days
Egyptian Presidency: Al-Sisi stressed to Blinken the importance of concerted international efforts to remove obstacles to implementing aid to Gaza
The US Secretary of State arrives in Cairo at the beginning of a tour of the region
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We stress the necessity of opening all land crossings between Israel and Gaza for the full entry of aid
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We are awaiting Israel's response regarding the US President's proposal to stop the war in Gaza
Egyptian Foreign Minister: The current proposal regarding a ceasefire in Gaza deserves to be accepted
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We call on Hamas and Israel to accept the ceasefire proposal
Egyptian Foreign Minister: Our position is clear regarding the rejection of the Israeli presence at the Rafah crossing
US State Department: Blinken discusses with his counterparts in Qatar, Egypt and the UAE the peace plan in Gaza
Secretary-General of the League of Arab States: We appreciate China's positions in support of the Palestinian cause and UNRWA
Egypt hosts a conference on Sudan in June.
Egyptian Presidency: President Sisi and his Chinese counterpart agree on the necessity of a ceasefire in Gaza and reject the forced displacement of Palestinians
1 month ago
Israel's National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi: Israel in control of 75% of 'Philadelphi' route on Gaza-Egypt border, fighting in Gaza will continue for at least another 7 months
The Chinese President meets with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in Beijing
1 month ago
The Israeli Army: We discovered tunnels in Rafah, south of Gaza, that reach Sinai in Egypt
Israel gave Qatar, Egypt, and the U.S. on Monday, an official, written, and updated proposal regarding the Gaza hostage deal, according to sources with knowledge of the issue. Why it matters: The written proposal was detailed and expanded on the general principles that the
Israeli official: There is a calm dialogue between senior officials in Egypt and Israel
1 month ago
The Egyptian military spokesman confirms the killing of a soldier in a clash on the border strip in Rafah
1 month ago
The Israeli army: Egyptian soldiers started shooting at a force belonging to us that was passing through the Rafah crossing area
Israeli army: A few hours ago (Monday), a shooting incident occurred on the Egyptian border. The incident is under review and discussions are being held with the Egyptians