15 July 2024
Egyptian Information Service: We deny that the Israeli bombing in Gaza reached the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing
7 month ago
Gaza truce talks with Qatari, Egyptian mediators 'ongoing', despite renewed fighting: source
The White House: We will continue efforts with Egypt and Qatar to extend the truce in Gaza
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We must join forces to implement the internationally agreed upon solution, which is the two-state solution
Egyptian Foreign Minister: The Palestinian issue must be addressed and ended
7 month ago
Egyptian forces have reportedly entered Gaza alongside the Red Cross to make sure this night's release goes smoothly. The logisitics of this release appear to be different because it is taking place in northern Gaza, and the hostages will be released to the Karni border crossing rather than Kerem Shalom
7 month ago
Egyptian Red Crescent: 80 aid trucks crossed into the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing
7 month ago
Egyptian President: We call for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, even if it is demilitarized
7 month ago
Egypt says it will bring 130,000 liters of diesel fuel and 4 gas trucks into Gaza daily during the truce period.
7 month ago
Egyptian President: Displacing Palestinians to Egypt is a red line
7 month ago
Egyptian President: The Rafah crossing has not and will not be closed to aid to the Gaza Strip
The White House: Biden assured Sisi of his commitment to establishing a Palestinian state
Readout of President Biden's Call with President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt regarding the hostage deal released just after the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office announced a delay in the implementation of the deal
7 month ago
Israeli sources: Egypt and Qatar will be the guarantors of Hamas, and the United States will be the guarantor of Israel
Egyptian Prime Minister: Our proposal aims to reach a permanent solution to establish a Palestinian state
Egyptian Prime Minister: Israeli policy will have dire consequences
The Egyptian House of Representatives renews the mandate for President Sisi to maintain national security
The Egyptian Parliament rejects the forced displacement of Palestinians from Gaza
Egypt wants to establish a truce in Gaza for a period of 5 days, subject to extension
7 month ago
Egyptian Minister of Health: We continue to receive wounded, injured and sick Palestinians to provide medical care
Standard & Poor's: Egypt may suffer from a shortage of gas supplies due to the effects of the war
7 month ago
Standard & Poor's: "The Gaza war hinders Israel's gas exports to Egypt and Jordan."
Israeli media quoted a member of the mini-ministerial council: There will be no prisoner exchange without Egyptian leadership to mediate
7 month ago
Egyptian media: Ambulances entered Gaza from the Rafah crossing to transport premature babies to the Egyptian side
Egyptian Foreign Minister Lifting the siege on Gaza is not the responsibility of Arab and Islamic countries alone
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We have a strong will to reject any form of displacement of Palestinians
Griffiths: We have 460 trucks ready to enter the Gaza Strip from the Rafah crossing
Egyptian Foreign Minister: The two-state solution is the only way to end the conflict
Egyptian Foreign Minister: A ceasefire must be reached in Gaza
8 month ago
Egyptian Foreign Minister: The Rafah crossing is open and has not been closed since the beginning of the escalation