15 July 2024
Al-Sisi: The continuation of the war in Gaza will contribute to the expansion of the conflict, threatening regional and international security
5 month ago
Egyptian Foreign Minister: Ethiopia has become a source of chaos in the region
6 month ago
Egyptian FM Sameh Shoukry affirms Egypt’s full support for Somalia, calls for respect for its sovereignty and territorial integrity, warns against the consequences of Ethiopia’s unilateral policies that violate the rules of international law
6 month ago
FM Shoukry also stressed that Egypt will spare no effort in supporting Somalia, as coordination is underway to provide the Somali side with the necessary training and support for its cadres in a way that enables it to achieve sovereignty over its entire territories
Egyptian Presidency: Egyptian-Greek agreement on the need to push seriously towards settling the Palestinian issue in a just and comprehensive manner
A Qatari military plane carrying tons of medicine arrives at Al-Arish Airport
6 month ago
Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority: We will continue our efforts to communicate with all customers and shipping lines to serve the global trade movement
Egyptian Foreign Minister: The international community is aware of the obstacles to implementing aid to Gaza and Israel's responsibility for them
6 month ago
Egypt thwarted a drug smuggling attempt after an exchange of gunfire close to a crossing on the border with Israel, where aid deliveries for Gaza are being inspected, its army spokesperson said on Tuesday
6 month ago
Israeli army: Following the incident in the area of the Nitzana opening along the Israeli border with Egypt, an Israeli army soldier was lightly injured during the exchanges of fire. She was evacuated to a hospital to receive medical treatment and her family has been informed
Freight container volumes through Red sea region have fallen by around 65% from expected values6 month ago
Freight container volumes through Red sea region have fallen by around 65% from expected values
Egypt reacts to US-UK airstrikes on Houthis in Yemen. Says its concerns, warning about Gaza conflict morphing into regional conflict, sowing wider instability risks becoming reality
Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority: Ship traffic declined 30% from the beginning of January to January 11
6 month ago
PM Rishi Sunak has spoken to Egyptian president al-Sisi tonight about Houthi attacks in the Red Sea. He told him that Britain will 'continue to take action to defend freedom of navigation and protect lives at sea'
Egypt Foreign Minister arrives in Asmara  in “Emergency Meeting”. The latest in the diplomatic crisis in the Horn Africa after Ethio-Somaliland deal6 month ago
Egypt Foreign Minister arrives in Asmara in “Emergency Meeting”. The latest in the diplomatic crisis in the Horn Africa after Ethio-Somaliland deal
6 month ago
During his meeting with Sisi in Cairo, Blinken confirms Washington's commitment to ensuring that the Palestinians in Gaza are not displaced and to establish a Palestinian state.
Al-Sisi to Blinken: We call for a just and comprehensive settlement of the Palestinian issue that addresses the roots of the current situation
6 month ago
Blinken: The United States is focused on ensuring that the situation in the West Bank does not explode
Statement of the Jordanian-Egyptian-Palestinian Summit: It is necessary to respond internationally and condemn Israel's attempts to displace the Palestinians
Egypt withdraws from GERD negotiations6 month ago
Egypt withdraws from GERD negotiations
German Foreign Minister: We must ensure that aid reaches the people of Gaza
Baerbock: We will not accept the displacement of Palestinians, whether from the West Bank or Gaza
Baerbock: We agree with Egypt that peace will not be achieved except with a two-state solution
Baerbock: Israel must do more to protect civilians in Gaza
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We must work to restore political prospects to reach a two-state solution
6 month ago
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi invited Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to Cairo, Villa Somalia said
The White House: Humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip must be increased
Ethiopian Foreign Minister: Our position is firm by conducting the dialogue on the Renaissance Dam on the basis of an agreement of principles and reaching an agreement
6 month ago
Egypt’s President @AlsisiOfficial received phone calls from Somalia's President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Greece's PM @kmitsotakis on Wednesday
Arab league give statement siding with Somalia sovereignty and condemning Ethiopian government