22 July 2024
2 month ago
Egypt raises preparedness level in northern Sinai after start of Israeli operation in Rafah: Reuters, cites two security sources
Israeli Broadcasting Corporation: The Israeli Ministerial Council approved the broad outlines of the Egyptian initiative
Egyptian Foreign Minister: The Israeli behavior that rejects peace will drag the entire region under unprecedented threats
Egyptian official source: Positive progress in the truce negotiations in Gaza
A high-ranking Egyptian source: There is positive progress in the Gaza negotiations as contacts continue with all parties
French Foreign Minister: Paris and Cairo's message to Tel Aviv is not to carry out an attack in Rafah
The French Foreign Minister, after his talks in Egypt, confirms the continuation of work to secure a truce in Gaza
2 month ago
The Egyptian President and the Emir of Kuwait stress the necessity of reaching an immediate and sustainable ceasefire in the Gaza Strip
Egyptian Prime Minister: The most important goal is how to reach a settlement to end the Gaza war
Egyptian Prime Minister: We are trying to make every effort to stop the war in Gaza
Egyptian Prime Minister: Adhering to the two-state solution is the only way to solve the "Palestine issue"
Prime Minister of Egypt: We need decades to rebuild the Gaza Strip again
"Axios": Israel made clear to the Egyptian security delegation that it is ready to give a final chance to reach a deal regarding the detainees.
2 month ago
A source in the Turkish presidency: The Egyptian President will visit Türkiye next week
Egypt asked Israel to engage in negotiations again in exchange for freezing the attack on Rafah
2 month ago
The Egyptian President: Our position is clear by rejecting the displacement of Palestinians
2 month ago
Airplanes launch a series of raids on areas near the Palestinian-Egyptian border south of Rafah
2 month ago
The Egyptian President warns against any military operation in the Palestinian Rafah
Egyptian Foreign Minister: The necessity of establishing a Palestinian state to end the conflict in the region
Egyptian Foreign Minister: There must be a political path that leads to the establishment of a Palestinian state
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We seek to improve our relations with Türkiye politically and security-wise
Turkish Foreign Minister: Regional issues are the focus of cooperation between Egypt and Turkey
Turkish Foreign Minister: We agree with Egypt on the necessity of Libya's unity and sovereignty
3 month ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: We are keen to cooperate with Egypt to deliver aid to Gaza
Egyptian Foreign Minister: It must be recognized that the displacement of Palestinians constitutes a war crime
Egyptian Foreign Minister: It is necessary for Hamas and Israel to show the political will to reach a ceasefire in Gaza
Egyptian Foreign Ministry: We call on international parties supporting peace to recognize the Palestinian state
Egypt's representative to the United Nations: We stress our rejection of Israel's efforts to ignite a regional escalation in the Middle East and open new war fronts.
Egypt's representative before the Security Council: We demand the implementation of an immediate ceasefire in Gaza
3 month ago
An Israeli raid targeted agricultural land near the Palestinian-Egyptian border, south of Rafah