Map. History of Egypt conflict

20 September 2018
ISIS propaganda showing the attack near Al-Tulul village in Bir Al-Abd in N. Sinai
In the new Flames of War propaganda video; footage from "Wilayat Sina'" featuring the attack on the police convoy near Al-Tulul village in Bir Al-Abd. Sinai Egypt
The Islamic State released a second edition of "Flames of War" after experiencing a big setback in its communication, both quantitative and qualitative
People: armed terrorist elements attempted to attack a number of civilians in the village of Amir's tomb in Sheikh Zwaid, and they kidnapped a number of people, including women. # Sinai
Egypt ex-PM Ahmed Shafiq says UAE bars him from leaving
Russian Defense Minister leaves Cairo after meeting with Syrian President
Mubarak: I have never accepted any talk about settling the Palestinians in Sinai
9 month ago
Hamas leader in Gaza calls the factions for an urgent meeting in the presence of an Egyptian delegation
The Attorney-General refers 10 accused to the Supreme State Security Court for establishing a terrorist group
Photos of the air raids carried out by the military aircraft on a few targets near the border with the Gaza Strip in the city of Rafah Sinai.
Shafik, the former prime minister of Egypt, announces the same candidacy in the presidential elections
Sisi gives the army and police three months to restore security in Sinai
Important meeting in Cairo between Colonel Gen. Sedki Sobhi and Russian Defense Minister
The definition of terrorist organizations active in the Sinai Ansar Bayt Almaqdes Jund Al Islam is the state of Sinai.
9 month ago
Qatar is facing a sand crisis - and it could impact its ability to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. "Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE accounted for 61.4% of Qatar's sand imports last year."
9 month ago
Sisi: Chief of Staff and Ministry of Interior responsible for restoring security in Sinai within 3 months
9 month ago
Sisi: Egypt state takes all necessary to defend its security
9 month ago
Sisi: Foreign forces support the terrorists with weapons and money
9 month ago
Sisi: Egypt is facing a full-fledged war aiming to destroy the state
Aisha Slimi Sulaiman, 38, was shot in the face in the city of Sheikh Zuwayd this morning
Smoke is billowing following an explosion close to the border on the Egyptian side of Rafah
A large explosion was heard on the border with the Gaza Strip in Rafah
Egyptian forces shoot, injure 2 Palestinians attempting to cross border from Gaza
The Ministry of the Interior announces the killing of 11 armed terrorist elements and the seizure of 6 others and a quantity of weapons and materials used in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices during a security raid targeting a farm ocuppied by terrorist elements in the village of Gilbana in Ismailia before heading to Sinai
Egyptian Interior Ministry: 11 terrorists killed in raid on farm in Ismailia province
The Egyptian Interior Ministry: terrorist cell arreste in northern Sinai was planned to carry out terrorist operations against vital venues and Christian places of worship
Hamas field forces arrest six people who tried to sneak into Sinai this morning.
Egyptian army shoot and injures two young Palestinians shot after approaching 4 youths from the Egyptian fence separating east of Rafah, and the security of the Gaza border arrested the other two.
Day: Army forces thwart the infiltration of four armed elements from the Gaza Strip towards Sinai and injuring two of them Sinai
Military spokesman: The destruction of 8 terrorist caves and the elimination of 3 terrorists and the arrest of others in central Sinai
The collision of an Egyptian and another British aircraft at Kennedy Airport in New York, Egypt, Britain9 month ago
The collision of an Egyptian and another British aircraft at Kennedy Airport in New York, Egypt, Britain
A few minutes ago, shots were heard inside the city of Nakhl in central Sinai, and cars were being driven by unidentified persons
A few days ago clashes between gunmen and security forces in the area of bridge valley within the Egyptian city of El Arish
Pentagon spox said Sinai attack is "an example why US must remain involved in Middle East"
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