Map. History of Egypt conflict

15 December 2017
Sanders says WH "pretty confident" tax cut bill will be approved by both houses of Congress early next week. And @VP delaying departure to Egypt and Israel in case his voted need in the Senate.
Egypt will open Rafah border crossing with Gaza Strip on Saturday for first time since Sinai mosque massacre
Just in case his vote is needed, WH says @VP will remain in US for Senate vote on revised tax cut bill. Will then depart on Mideast trip that includes talks with Egyptian Pres al-Sisi and PM @netanyahu and address to the Israeli Knesset
Intensive presence of three Drons in the border area over the Jaradat area, Abu Hilu, Rafah crossing and the Kerem Shalom crossing. The sirens are heard in the occupied territories and violent gunfire is heard near the border.
Clashes between the army forces and armed terrorist elements just before near the Kerem Abu Salem crossing in Abu Helou area south of Rafah. Sinai
The launching of a large military campaign for the army forces a short time ago, targeting the square of Najd south of the city of Sheikh Zuwaid. Sinai
Report: possibly the launches are in Egypt - part of fighting there - and not from Gaza towards Israel
Saudi Arabia plan for Palestine reportedly including 10 billion dollar payment to Palestine ,creation of Palestinian state in Gaza and Sinai,abandon negotiations over Jerusalem, West Bank etc settlements
Explosion of an explosive device armored vehicle for the security forces near the village of Midan, west of the city of Arish shortly, which led to the injury officer and soldier. Sinai
Artillery shelling targeting several areas south of Sheikh Zuwaid now. Sinai
Photo: Youth and elders of the Sinai people participate in a memorial service for the martyrs of the kindergarten
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been flying in the Al-Barth area south of Rafah. Sinai
Armed terrorist elements detonated an explosive device in a house on the street of the twentieth in the city of # Arish, owned by a former pilot in the armed forces called "Ihab Musabih", it is noteworthy that the terrorist elements blew up the house earlier in May last year. * Pictures of the house after it was blown up last year
Military Spokesman: Team / Mohamed Farid, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, is witnessing one of the stages of the tactical project of the "Badr 2017" soldiers carried out by one of the units of the Third Field Army.
The Egyptian aviation minister plans to head for Moscow to sign an agreement to resume flights between Russia and Egypt
Foiling of 4 explosive devices in Sheikh Zuwaid and Rafah , as Security forces in northern Sinai succeeded in detecting four explosive devices that were intended to detonate the way of the forces while carrying out combing and raiding the strongholds of the organization of Jerusalem in the region
A Libyan military source has uncovered that the Libyan criminal search apparatus foiled the largest quantity of explosives, firearms from Kalashnikov, Grenov machine guns, sniper rifles and a 30-ton TNT explosive bag on its way to Egypt.
The Military Court requires the detention of 30 accused of violence between Bani Mazar and 10 years
The document of recruitment of US intelligence to Mursi .. And his information about Abdul Qader Hilmi within the spy documents of the talks with Hamas
A large-scale military campaign A short while ago, a long area was targeted by the prince in Rafah accompanied by the sound of heavy gunfire and artillery shelling. Sinai
Police forces started to remove number of houses in Al-Arish city for persons wanted by security forces and involved in carrying out terrorist operations. Sinai
Sec.sources:- army forces discovered and destroyed 4 IEDs, during raids in several areas in Rafah and Sheikh Zweid cities . Sinai
Local media: Egypt army delegation in South Sudan to discuss training the latter's army
A court in Egypt has reportedly jailed for two years a singer who appeared in a music video in her underwear while suggestively eating a banana.
Iran's Intel. Minister, Mahmoud Alavi, in a seminar on "Terrorism, ExtremismandRegional Security in hosted by MFA center,: Qatar sponsors terrorist groups in region, Egypt's MB and Saudi Wahhabism r root of terrorism in the world
The arrest of a terrorist cell in Minya , The security services in Minya arrested 6 people on charges of forming a terrorist cell
Sources: The martyrdom of the citizen Attla Jamaa Abujrad 50 years, by the forces of an ambush of the army in the area
Heavy explosion reported in Rafah city near the border with Gaza
Irish man acquitted after 4 years of being imprisoned in Egypt says he saw dozens of cellmates become radicalized
Defense Minister Colonel Gen. Sedki Sobhi has arrived in Cyprus for important meetings- his visit will last a few days