Map. History of Egypt conflict

21 October 2017
US Department of State: US strongly condemns terrorist attack against Egypt security forces near Bahariya Oasis. We offer our profound condolences and stand with Egypt
Egypt's state TV: More security forces deployed in Al-Wahat.
Gunmen in the Bahariya oases are holding hostages of Egyptian security, including officers
Death toll from attack in Egypt’s western desert rises to 58 police killed
At least 16 were killed and seven others were wounded in collision between several cars in desert road near Assuit province in south Egypt
At least 30 police officers killed in shootout in Egypt's western desert: security sources
Egyptian media saying at least 30 soldiersandpolice officers were killed in Wahat attack in Giza province, activists saying it is launched by Qaeda-affiliated Murabetoun Group Egypt
Egypt: death toll rises to 14 police members killed in clashes with possible Hasam Movement cell in Giza
Egypt - Reporter: Security reinforcements were sent to Al Wahat Road in Giza where clashes with insurgents took place
Clashes between gunmen and security forces at Oasis road in Giza
14 security forces killed in clashes with terrorists near Giza
14 security officers killed, 8 others wounded in clashes in Giza
Mustafa Mohammed Abu Khawar, a cadre of the military flower camp, terrorist elements yesterday massacred him in the city of Sheikh Zuwaid
Armed terrorist elements kill a citizen working with the cadres of the Military Flower Camp (or group 103 of the army) yesterday in the city of Sheikh Zwaid Sinai
A member of ISIS was arrested in Aswan
Security source declares: the bombing of a car for terrorist elements in the area of Rafah and the killing of 4 gunmen.
News about the opening of the Rafah border crossing next week without specifying the days or the existence of an official permit so far
Australian President Visits Cairo Today
Artillery shelling targeting areas of villages south of Rafah
The military campaign continued for the third day in a row targeting the Maina village and areas south of Sheikh Zuwaid
On Wednesday, border guards were able to discover and destroy a tunnel near the border with the Gaza Strip in Rafah.
Amaq: ISIS destroyed an Egypt|ian Army vehicle by detonating an explosive device south of Rafah. Sinai, Egypt.
Photos of the areas that were recently bulldozed for entering the third phase of the buffer zone in Rafah.
The first picture of the theft of the National Bank in Arish, where bank sources in northern Sinai says , the theft of 16 million pounds, from the branch of the National Bank in Arish during the armed attack on the bank, which occurred yesterday.
Two anti-aircraft, RPG and rocket-propelled grenades were seized in Qena
6 gunmen steal and break the contents of 150 thousand pounds from a mobile phone in the city of Sheikh Zwaid yesterday
Soldier wounded mistakenly in his service place at El Sheikh Zuwaid
Press conference of the Egyptian Foreign Minister and the Portuguese counterpart
Video : of drug dealers in the Palestinian city of Rafah A border security agency in Gaza in cooperation with the drug control of Rafah, on the border between Egypt and Gaza. Hamas has set up a buffer zone on the border between Egypt and Gaza to prevent smuggling and infiltration into Sinai.
Foreign Ministry Spokesman: Foreign Minister opens the Egyptian-Portuguese Business Forum in the presence of the Portuguese Foreign Minister on the sidelines of the joint committee's work