National Electoral Commission in Egypt: Call for voters in Egypt to elect the President of the Republic by the end of next March

Map. History of Egypt conflict

19 January 2018
1 week ago
The Eritrean president will visit Egypt tomorrow to meet president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
VP Pence traveling to Middle East in 11 days: Egypt, Jordan, Israel; First trip for Pence, was planned for December , got rescheduled twice after Jerusalem + Tax vote
Egyptian security source: 3 gunmen killed and wounded two recruits during raids in central Sinai
8 ISIS militants said killed in clashes with Egyptian police in Sinai
National Electoral Commission in Egypt: Call for voters in Egypt to elect the President of the Republic by the end of next March
Libya arrests Egyptian who joined IS in Benghazi
Ahmed Shafiq announced through Twitter he is not to run for the upcoming Egyptian presidential elections
The organization "ISIS" terrorist published photos on the social networking sites of the ambush, which he established on the international road in the area of Sabika yesterday !! And resulted in the death of a police secretary, recruits and a civilian
The martyr "Hussein Jamal Iskandar" 55-year-old tribe of Fawakhariya was martyred today after the terrorist elements slaughtered him on the pretext of cooperation with the security forces, was found his head in the field of Atlawi in the city of Arish this evening
A police officer and a soldier were accidentally injured in two separate locations in Arish Sinai
Arrival of the Egyptian navy support and supply vessel Shalatin A230 to the Moroccan city "Tangier" yesterday .
Egypt eyes extensive role in Syria reconstruction efforts
1 week ago
Sudanese media reporting Egypt and UAE are backing Eritrea troops that were dispatched to support Darfur rebels in areas near East Sudan borders and that in return Ethiopia sent reinforcements to the border triangle
ISIS Wilayat Sinai release astonishing picture set of Bir al-Abd attack ( where they are seen operating a checkpoint openly, in broad daylight for a prolonged time, stopping vehicles, searching them and checking credentials without interference
A hot air balloon carrying around 20 people crashes near Egypt's ancient city of Luxor, killing 1 tourist and injuring 7 others
Hot air balloon carrying tourists crashes near Egypt's Luxor
Islamic State Claims Killing An Army Soldier and 2 Policemen In An Ambush Near Qesm Bir Al Abd In North Sinai.
IS Sinai spreads photoreport on ambush and killing of Egyptian army and police in Sabika area
ISIS supporters campaigning against Hamas, echoing ISIS disavowal of Hamas, stating that helping the group "is apostasy," because Hamas "cooperate[s]" with "tyrants," "prevent[s]" jihadi migration to Egypt, and "wage[s] war against the mujahidin in Gaza and Sinai"
Sudanese Foreign Ministry summons its ambassador to Cairo for consultation
Security forces stop traffic on the international road Arish Qantara and military reinforcements ambush the field
The armed men of an organization made ambush on the international road Arish Qantara near the area of Sabika west of Arish and opened fire on a civilian car refused to stand with their bodies and opened fire on it and news of the killing the civilians inside the car
little time ago some armed men from an organization made an ambush on the international road Arish Qantara near an area
2 week ago
Putin signed a decree on the resumption of air connection with Egypt
Egypt- more from ISIS Wilayat Sinai's latest video- an SA-7b MANPADS and electrically-operated improvised in ground rocket launcher
Egypt- Wilayat Sinai video focused on Israel, Jerusalem and Palestinians. Led by Abu Kazim al-Maqdisi (Palestinian), who calls Hamas apostates, later executes Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades' member and finishes with a warning to "the Jews"
Egypt- Amaq report on ISIS IED attack targeting an EOD team near al-Arish, North Sinai, which killed, among others, a Captain
Sources: 4 people were killed in the smuggling of "cigarettes" to the Gaza Strip on Tuesday by armed terrorist elements east of the village of Tayra south of the city of Rafah. Sinai
Jerusalem is the most important terrorist element in the Sinai in a serious development that reflects the extent of the collapse of the organization of Jerusalem in the Sinai, and a major split between its ranks executed the organization one of its leaders is the terrorist Moussa Abu Zamat, Palestinian nationality son of a leader of the Qassam Brigades in Gaza and a leading member of the organization of Jerusalem in Sinai
An Egyptian officer was killed in an explosion in Sinai