Egypt- a picture of RPO-A Schmel from the findings in the ground sweep element of the operation.

Map. History of Egypt conflict

20 September 2018
Egypt- a picture of RPO-A Schmel from the findings in the ground sweep element of the operation.
Egypt @EgyArmySpox statement no.27 on COS2018 includes details on combined AF-SOF operation against militant cell in Western Desert, which resulted in killing of 7 militants, destroying a vehicle loaded with weaponsandcapturing explosive belts, radios, uniforms and other equipment
Egypt leftist leader accused of insulting Sisi after calls for government change
Sudanese and Egyptian agri ministers met yesterday, FMs to meet today to resolve import ban of Sudan of agricultural products from Egypt
Egypt- eventful day in North Sinai yet again yesterday, with Amaq reporting on ISIS attack in al-Arish causing 3 casualties, an IED attack against a military vehicle, and another IED attack on a military ambulance, probably as part of a planned ambush for first responders
The recruiter Mustafa Ahmed Abed Rabbo from Fayoum city was killed two days ago in the terrorist attack kilo 17 in Arish. Sinai
Egypt, Ethiopia agree to overcome obstacles during Grand Renaissance Dam negotiations, FM PM Abiy Ahmed and President Sisi expected to meet in Sept on the sidelines of a China-Africa cooperation forum in Beijing.
Egypt- more of ISIS photos of the August 25 inghimasi attack on the Kilo 17 Checkpoint near al-Arish, North Sinai
Man stabbed to death in Alexandria beach protecting wife from harassment
Ahead of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's visit to China, Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Song Aiguo hails the close relations between China and Egypt as a model for Sino-African cooperation
Reports from Egypt say, as expected, talks between Israel, PA and the factions in Gaza have come to a dead end.
Interior Ministry announces the liquidation of 5 militants on the road of Assiut / Sohag during exchange of fire
GERD might not see light: Ethiopian PM
An Egyptian officer was killed and a soldier wounded in an attack against a military checkpoint south of Aswan overnight
Reports Claimed that Two Palestinian Members From the Sinai province group surrendered themselves to the Tribes Union Militants in Barth village south of Rafah city.
IS claims to have killed and wounded 15 Egyptian military yesterday in an attack on the "kilo 17" checkpoint west of Arish
Egypt: some of the weapons used in today's ISIS inghimasi attack on checkpoint near al-Arish, North Sinai: PBIED (closer photo in pictures above); 4 different AK variants; RPG 7 - Personal radio and other equipment
Egypt- Jamaat Jund al-Islam, the pro-al-Qaeda group in North Sinai, releases 2nd statement this week after 7 months of silence.
Egypt: 4 presumed ISIS militants and 4 soldiers killed and others wounded amidst attack on checkpoint on the outskirts of El-Arish, North Sinai
Egypt- ISIS Wilayat Sinai release eulogy for Abu al-Hasan al-Maqdisi (Palestinian)
Egyptian who called for referendum on El-Sisi's government arrested — lawyer
Joint US, Greek and Egyptian shield for the Aegean deposits: Triennial Maritime Exercise4 week ago
Joint US, Greek and Egyptian "shield for the Aegean deposits": Triennial Maritime Exercise
Egypt- ISIS claim for SVBIED attack near al-Arish Airport, North Sinai, by Abu Assad al-Muhajir (foreigner), which caused "many casualties, destroyed 3 vehiclesandbulldozer", in what authorities claimed was a dismantling of VBIED that failed, causing the explosion.
Egypt Sinai: Isis claims to have damaged an Egyptian Army Hummer with an IED near al-Rafah.
Cyprus hands Egyptian plane hijacker over to Cairo
Egypt- Amaq report on ISIS IED attack targeting soldiers near Sheikh Zuweid, North Sinai
Lieutenant Omar Khaled killed yesterday while dealing with VBIED tried to target the security forces near Al-Arish airport. Sinai
Egyptian monks sent to trial over killing of bishop
Saudi plane makes emergency landing at Cairo airport after passenger falls ill
Islamic State Claims Destroying An Army Bulldozer Near Jidud Checkpoint In Rafah City In Northern Sinai.
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