Egypt officials say resumption of Russia flights delayed

Map. History of Egypt conflict

19 September 2018
Egypt to open Rafah crossing for four days starting from Wednesday. Palestinians said.
Zohr Gas field under The protection of Egypt's naval Forces.7 month ago
Zohr Gas field under The protection of Egypt's naval Forces.
Infographic for The results of the military operation Sinai 2018 to date
Egypt officials say resumption of Russia flights delayed
7 month ago
The Navy is deploying a video during Gas field ( Zohr ) insurance and vital and strategic targets deep into Egyptian economic waters
The Navy is deploying a video during Gas field ( Zohr ) insurance and vital and strategic targets deep into Egyptian economic waters
Military Spokesman: Launch of the Navy Egyptian -French military training Cleopatra 2018
Netanyahu welcomes the signing of the gas agreement between Israel and Egypt and describes it as historic
Israel announces 'historic' gas contract with Egypt
M-46 130mm Howittzer, during providing army Forces with Artillery strikes during raids in Northern and central Sinai .
Egypt's MOD releases in the 10th Statement video For Sinai2018 op, Footage For the live clashes Between army Forces and the terrorist elements in Rafah city, Northern Sinai .
Agreement to be signed of Israeli gas supply to Egypt worth 15 billion dollars
Egypt: 3 Soldiers, 4 Militants Killed in Sinai Campaign
Philippines says suspect Islamist militant recruiter arrested
Egypt to open Rafah crossing today only for Palestinians to return back to Gaza.
Egypt says three soldiers killed in campaign against militants
Foreign ministry Egypt just issued statement saying it 'understands circumstances' in Ethiopia, but nevertheless 'looks forward to adherence of timeframe' set for dam negotiations
Sinai: ISIS claims that 2 Egyptian soldier were killed by snipers near al-Arish.
Isis releases some pictures of the clashes with Egyptian forces in Sheikh Zweid
Egypt- ISIS Wilayat Sinai's first official publication since start of Operation Sinai2018 (excluding the pre-planned video): destroying 14 military vehicles, other clashes "responding to attacks against the Mujahideen"
Egyptian navy special Forces men during participating in the military ops near sea coast From The area start From Arish-To- Rafah coast . Also They Show equipped well with good helmets and tactical armours as they armed with Beretta arx-160/AK-47 rifles and glx160 grenade launchers
Locally made D-30M SPG allegedly pounding targets in North Sinai
Prominent Egyptian Islamist critic arrested ahead of March vote
Officer and soldier of Egyptian army were killed, another 3 were wounded in clashes in Sinai
C4, TNT, IED making material found as part of Operation #Sinai2018
" Statement No.7 of the Egyptian armed forces Air Force destroy 11 targets Control of a number of weapons and ammunition 15 terrorist elements were killed in exchanges of fire The discovery and destruction of underground hideouts with explosives manufacturing materials The discovery and destruction of a center dedicated to terrorist elements Detect and destroy a tunnel The arrest of 153 wanted and suspected individuals, including foreign nationalities The destruction of 181 Walker cattle and a cache of highly explosive materials destroying 7 cars and 17 motorcyclesDetect, dismantle and destroy 63 explosive devices equipped to target troops The Navy will detect all suspected shipsSpecial naval forces are combing Organizing 563 ambush and security patrols on the main roads and combing the desert back areas in all governorates
Hamas meeting with Egypt intelligence officials. Delegation started its visit on Friday.
Department of State: In Egypt, Secretary Tillerson had a chance to catch up with the employees and @USMC Security Guards at @USEmbassyCairo.
7 month ago
Rocket fired from Sinai at Israel explodes near an Air Force base in the South
Egypt detained Hisham Genena, the former anti-corruption chief who had been helping run the election campaign of the former army commander Sami Anan. Anan is also held in jail by Sisi government
Egypt police detain former anti-graft chief, family says
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