Map. History of Egypt conflict

21 November 2017
Egypt to liquefy and export Natural Gas of Cyprus and Greece: first phase 700,000,000 cubic feet/day
The third field Army forces managed to eliminate one of the leaders of the terrorist elements in central Sinai, seizure of 18 other individuals and a quantity of weapons and ammunition, as well as the destruction of a number of dens of large quantities of fuel and rations, (3) motorcycle related to the terrorist elements
Qatar's Foreign Minister: Actions of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Yemen do not serve the goal for which the alliance enters
The National Security Sector of the Ministry of the Interior managed to seize large quantities of raw materials used in the manufacture of explosives in a residential apartment in the city of October 6, and found that the owner of the apartment embraces terrorist thought
Qatari Foreign Minister: we are not responsible for the tensions with Egypt
Tribal sources: A drone carried out an air raid yesterday on an unknown target near the village of Al-Barth south of Rafah. Sinai
Iran says Arab League resolution that accuses Iran of "aggression against Arab states" useless "solution to region problems is to stop following policies of Israel"
Cyprus' President Nicos Anastasiades conferred on President Sisi, the Grand Collar of the Order of Makarios III, the highest civilian award of the Republic of Cyprus
Egyptian authorities decided to extend the opening of the Rafah crossing for two additional days to the passage of Palestinian passengers.
Sources: Field II Army Commander Major General AH Khalid Majawar and a number of commanders of the army battalions and units in central Sinai inspected the Arish cement factory and the security measures to secure it and secure the roads around it.
Gaza's Rafah border crossing to close after three-day opening
The President of Egypt Abdul Fattah al-Sisi arrived earlier this morning at Larnaka International Airport as part of his first official visit to Cyprus
Arab council calls upon Iran govt to desist from hostile statements
Qatari State Minister for Defense Khaled al-Attaiyah: A gulf state hindered our rapprochement with #Egypt and is pushing the Egyptian media to attack #Qatar.
Egyptian presidency spokesman just denied the visit of Hariri, also Sisi will go to Cyprus tomorrow on two days visit.
Arab League calls for UN Security Council meeting on Iranian violations
Egypt: IS claims responsibility for IED attack against police vehicle near El-Arish
The resigned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri will visit Egypt tomorrow
Security sources say: the killing of three elements of terrorist during a military raid in the south of the city of Rafah, and the injury of Egyptian Officer by firing a sniper during the raids
Four civilians, including two women, were wounded in two separate incidents in the Rafah and Sheikh Zuwaid areas during the day
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri will visit Egypt on Monday
Lebanese Foreign Minister calls on his Arab counterparts to remove the issue of Iranian interference in Lebanon from statement
Lebanese Foreign Minister calls on his Arab counterparts to ease the statement of the Cairo meeting
Witnesses: Clashes between armed terrorist elements and the army forces responsible for implementing the removal of the buffer zone near the Imam Ali neighborhood in Rafah. Sinai
- civilian works with army forces killed and 2 other injured today after explosion of IED in a car in El-Sheikh Zweid city , Sinai
Police sergeant Ibrahim Rajab al-Bahi was killed yesterday evening near the third police station Arish after armed terrorist elements opened fire on him.
Major General Nasser al-Husseini, the chief security officer of al-Arish and other police officers, survived an assassination attempt on Saturday evening, using an explosive device detonated by gunmen in a security lane led by the Central Security Commander during his passage to the area of the reservoir in the third section of al-Arish
Saudi Arabia, Arab allies to hold Cairo talks on Iran, Hezbollah
The sound of an explosion in the city of Sheikh Zwaid a little while ago.
Sergeant "Amer Ibrahim Amer" died today from a gunshot wound after targeting a security ambush sniper in the city of Sheikh Zwaid. Sinai...