Map. History of Egypt conflict

24 September 2017
Egypt's President Sisi visits the UAE today to 'boost bilateral strategic cooperation'.
Egypt AlArish - Large explosion just reported.
Conclusion of Egyptian Russian joint military exercise #GuardiansofFriendship2017
30 to 25 meter watch tower uses optical monitoring equipment and cameras for protecting checkpoints and ambushes in North Sinai
Egypt’s FM demands Doha to stop ‘supporting terrorism,’ Qatar responds to Emirati accusations at UNGA 72
Saudi and Egypt-ian Air Forces conduct final phase of exercise 'Faisal11'
Egypt's intel. service saved 30 Syrians (mostly women and children) lost in the desert off Egyptian/Sudanese border
UK government: Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt "did not do enough to demonstrate political moderation"
The 418th Battalion handed over the guards of the border of 61 illegal Egyptian migrants who attempted to infiltrate into Libya without identification papers for the passports of the port of Amasid, to take them to Egypt.
An official source in the Gaza Strip confirms: An Egyptian security and administrative delegation arrived in Gaza several days ago.
The death of a citizen and the injury of 12 .. And rescue the bus «Sharm» from a disaster
Killed the terrorists from the Gaza Strip affiliated with the "Sinai state" and were killed by the Egyptian security forces
Egyptian Jews celebrate the Jewish New Year
Three members of the terrorist organization were arrested and others were killed in northern Sinai
Security forces arrested 44 suspects to join the terrorist elements in the city of Beersheba and areas south of the city of Arish during the past days Sinai
One of the leaders of Daesh and 6 members were arrested in Kerdasa
Syrian Arab tribes conference in Cairo
The Commander of the Egyptian Navy raises the Egyptian flag on the "El Fateh" frigate, signaling its entry into service
Clashes between the army and terrorist elements in the south of Rafah. Sinai
Egypt receives frigate «Gwend» from France today
Egypt Draws Closer To Assad government: Participates In Damascus Intern'l Fair, Brokers Ceasefire Agreements In Syria
Egypt- after almost a month of silence, Hasam release congratulatory message for Muharram (Islamic New Year)
New Exclusive pic for the Egyptian air force kamov K-52 with desert camouflage with AH-64 Apache in one of air bases in Egypt
Sisi leaves his residence in New York after attending UN meetings
Special forces pursue terrorists in the Karnak mountains of Qena
Al-Sisi to Fox News: 50 Islamic countries will reconcile with Israel if the question of Palestine is resolved
West Cairo Military Court decided to transfer 14 accused of the Mufti of the Republic to give the opinion of the law in execution hanging, in the killing of Border Guard soldiers in Al-Farafra
Egypt, Jordan and Iraq are interested in joining the contact group for Syria
Security forces close the international road west of the city of Arish a little while on suspicion of roadside bombs and troops are combing the area. Sinai
Report to the American Administration criticizing "human rights" in Egypt before the meeting of Sisi and Trump Egypt